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Thursday, July 26, 2007
How smart are you? - Are you dumb?


Let's round out this uppity post with some cooking trivia - answer in the comments and show how smart you are! (Navigating away from this page, to say... Wikipedia or is C H E A T I N G!)

1. What vegetable is only sold fresh, never frozen or canned?

2. What vegetable is only sold fresh or frozen, never canned?

3. What vegetable is only sold prepared, never fresh or frozen?

(vegetable means, edible part of a plant. Don't get all weirdly technical, like saying a tomato is a fruit or yams are tubers...)

4. Almost all cultures eat fermented food of some sort. Name a non-alcoholic fermented food product from Asia, Europe, and Russia. Bonus points if you've actually made any of these!

5. Free form answer: On Bravo's series Top Chef, a contestant was highly criticized for making a tart containing artichokes and pears... flavors that, the judge noted, "did not marry well". What have you made with flavors that did not marry well? (Sidenote: What the heck? Did the chef just randomly reach into the pantry and decide to make a pastry with the first two things she grabbed? If I did that, mine would be ketchup and carrot pie. MMmm.... not.)

6. Why is Devil's Food Cake red?

7. Name a food that humans depend on for survival, but is not self-seeding and depends on humans to plant it.

8. What's roux and what's it good for?

9. What do these cooking methods have in common - poaching, braising, blanching?

10. What's your favorite cooking show?

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