WFMW: Cheap Fruit Snacks
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Works for Me Wednesday
My kids are fruit eaters. Can't keep an apple, or a banana, or a plum in the house, especially on these hot summer days.

Unfortunately, even though it's summer, fruit prices aren't always so budget friendly.

For those times when apples are not the loss leader of the week, I keep a stock of fruit in my freezer.

Sam's Club stocks a 6 lb. bag of Dole fruit, already cut and prepped - pineapple, honeydew, grapes, strawberries and peaches - for $7.00 or thereabouts... that's $1.17 a pound! And no wasted - rinds, seeds, or pits!
eat more fruit poster
I dump a bunch in a bowl, not even thawed and we snack on fruitsicles. Refreshing, healthy, and good for backend and bottom line. Works for me!

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