Tuesday, July 24, 2007
My, this post is up late, isn't it?

Sorry about that. We had an unfortunate incident involving Ovaltine, a Crayola marker, and Baby C.

Long story short, I am the proud owner of a new keyboard. Our last keyboard was not very old - but apparently it's an Edsel compared to the new one. It came with a USB connection and no purple adaptor clutter thingie! It's advertised as spill proof - we'll just see about that! When I plugged it in, Windows informed me it had detected a USB Human Interface Device.

Oh yes, it's way more than a keyboard, apparently. And for less than $20! What a deal.

My new keyboard is already improving my life. There is a long, detailed warning about musculoskeletal disorders on the back. It's very important not to ignore possible MSD's, Microsoft so helpfully reminds us. After all, a successful carpal tunnel syndrome lawsuit could affect their stock prices, and end civilization as we know it. Bill Gates is so thoughtful, including instructions about eating right, managing stress, and getting exercise; even though you can't eat a salad and type, Windows causes rage-induced heart attacks, and you can't surf the web while lifting weights. It's the thought that counts, I suppose.

Why is it that nothing causes more frustration than a bocky computer?

The totally fab feature I love the most? It's got a calculator key - zips you straight to the adding machine, no Start menu required. I just shaved .3 seconds off my checkbook balancing. It's all about efficiency, you know.

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