The Bill Engvall Show
Thursday, July 19, 2007
A review of a show I haven't even seen.

I don't know who Bill Engvall is. Cursory research indicates he stars in shows and albums that I don't listen to, because the fart joke ratio leans too heavily to the scatalogical side. He's made himsef famous following in the footsteps of Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable guy. Unlike Foxworthy's self deprecating Redneck humor, Engvall is like the slighlty drunk buddy who takes things just a tad too far past funny.

He does have a new show, which premiered Tuesday on TBS. In the tradition of so-not-real-life TV couples, slobby uncouth Bill is married to Nancy Travis. I've seen approximately 400,00 previews this week (sometimes twice each commercial break) while I'm trying to watch Little House on the Prairie (love me some Ingalls fun. Yeah. I'm a nerd - I spend the show folding laundry and reminding the kids how lucky they are they don't have eat Mama's open fire cooking, or hike three miles across a field to take Pa a cold drink of water.)

I'm not sure why TBS is spending so much time advertising to Prairie's loyal fans. The first show involves the children walking in on a naked Bill and Susan doing what married people do. Later, the parents are relieved to find out that their adolescent son is not doing drugs, he's just stashing Playboys. They advertise the show as "a comedy for the whole family".

Way to legitimize porn, TBS. Guess what we won't be watching this week? Why can't comedians go back to making shows that were family friendly and funny, that you could watch with your kids or parents and not be embarrassed (Hello, Cosby Show and Home Improvement!)

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