No Place Like Home
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Well, our last two places both fell through. We found another one that looks promising, however. It's not new, and has a couple of add-ons that give it an odd layout - but the layout is perfect for our family, and includes a converted garage/playroom and large laundry room. It's also got three toilets - ooh, the luxury!

The downside to it was it is in the next town over, and would add about 20 minutes on to husband's commute. Also, I assumed since it was in the next town, and the next town over is in a different county, that we would have to change school districts. This is a Big. Deal. because of special needs son, who has his IEP signed and sealed for next year, and is doing quite well in the program. The thought of starting the whole process over again, and hoping to get a program that's even close to the one he has now, was daunting.

Oh, happy day! I just Googled the elementary school listed for the house... it's in our current district! The other kids will have to switch schools, but Mr. R can remain in his program, with the same teacher, at the same school.

And I don't have to fight the school request appropriate accommodations at another mind numbing IEP meeting with 5 other adults who don't want to be there either.

We'll know tomorrow if we got the house.


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