Woo-Hoo! Date Night
Friday, June 15, 2007

Due to circumstances beyond our control (lack of a trustworthy individual to watch the children, namely) my husband and I have gone out one time in the last 14 months (I'm not counting the night I picked him up at the airport - technically, we were alone but we spent all night packing up the house.
Yes, we had a 'date' last year on my birthday (in March), and this year on my birthday (still in March).

Husband left right after Easter 2006 for SC. Didn't see him again until halfway through July.
In our new town, I had trouble connecting with others.

One day, a girl showed up at my door. She was 16 years old, just moved in, saw we had kids, and wanted to let us know she was available to babysit. This was two weeks before Baby X was born, and I promised to call her when we got around to an outing. Hooray! A babysitter in walking distance!

The next week she came over and told me, she didn't care what her foster mom said, she was going to babysit and I should still hire her. Her foster mom had no right to interfere with her work... and on... and on... I'm not sure what was going on, since no one had come over to tell me not to hire her. However, there was no way I was going to let her sit with the kids now, since her attitude was "I won't listen to the adult in charge of me. I will do what I want. If she doesn't like it, I'll just run away again."

We have finally found a sitter though. She goes to our church, I know her mom (she was Mr. P's teacher this year), and I know they are 'normal'. So we are going out somewhere to do something tomorrow night! It will probably involve Spiderman 3, but that's okay. And it will involve a little nursling, who tags along everywhere I go. That's okay too.

Maybe I'll go wild and dig out some mascara!


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