Don't Mess with His Mama
Friday, June 22, 2007

China has been in the news quite a bit lately, as people decry antifreeze in their toothpaste, lead in their toys, and who-knows-what in their other food products. The US buys so many goods from China, we sometimes forgot they are still a Communist country. They are not "on the cusp of democracy". Their people are not free.

Their current Constitution guarantees the right -and duty - of family planning, and citizens can engage in "normal religious activities" that are "not subject to foreign domination." Take that, Romanists! ("Normal religious activities" are not defined.) I would also assume that Chinese Mormons have similar problems, since they look to Salt Lake City, but I have no idea of the state of the LDS church in Asia.

Now their playing with fire, however. The Chinese government has decided that a shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is a site of illegal religious activity (in China, any religious activity is pretty much illegal) and they are going to blow it up. And perhaps build an office building.

Don't they know better than to mess with a boy's Mama? We'll see how this plays out on the world stage. Remember the outrage when the Taliban blew up the Buddha sculptures? I wonder if a Catholic shrine will garner the same amount of criticism.

St. Francis Xavier
, missionary to China, pray for us!

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