We're Moving!
Monday, June 25, 2007
We got the house. Money has changed hands and no one has given it back.
We'll sign the actual lease today - they gave us a copy to read over the weekend.

It does have a clause I'm a little iffy about - that the tenants are responsible for all repairs needed inside and Landlords will take care of all repairs outside. We would be responsible for the first $25 of any service call made. Since we are renting for a year, and we haven't had any kind of inspection or anything, I don't know what condition the furnace, hot water heater, or anything is in. So I think I'm going to ask to change it - we'll be responsible for repairs excluding appliances and fixtures. I don't want to pay to repair someone else's dishwasher or fridge, and it seems every single house we've ever moved into ends up having toilet problems and needing parts replaced.

Husband dear is pretty handy, and he can repair most things, I just don't want to be financially committed. I suspect the clause is there because the owner is in the military, just got back from a tour in Iraq and is heading to Japan next month. His wife probably doesn't want to deal with repairs and such while he's gone.

Now on to packing. We're supposed to be out of here by the weekend, and I have a grand total of three boxes done!


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