It's NOT Rocket Science
Thursday, June 14, 2007
I read an interesting story today about a mom whose baby monitor is picking up Nasa transmissions.

I was distracted from the story by the incredibly poor writing, or rather, reasoning. Here's a sample, in case you don't feel like following the link:
Live video of the mission is available on NASA's Web site, so it's possible the monitor is picking up a signal from somewhere.
Really? If you can watch something on the monitor, it's picking up a signal from somewhere? Perhaps they meant to write "somewhere else", or "somewhere over the rainbow", which might be a good place for NASA to research next, now that Pluto's not a planet and we've been to Mars. The solar system is shrinking, time to branch out?

Equally confusing is the last paragraph:
Meilinger silenced disbelieving co-workers by bringing in a video of the monitor to show her class on Tuesday, her students' last day of school.
What? She silenced her co-workers by showing video to her students, who somehow telepathically transmitted the veracity of the NASA video claims to the other adults in the building? Meilinger should have just saved the effort, and showed the video to her coworkers to begin with.

Interesting, all the same.

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