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Friday, June 29, 2007
Posting will be light today - we're doing the walk-through and moving tomorrow.

Also, I really want to let you know how I saved $140 on my car insurance... but I need to post pictures, and the card reader disappeared. (How? It was attached to the computer!) And yes, it did involve lizards and cavemen, in that our car insurance was Geico to begin with.

I need to change electricity, water, trash, phone and cable over to our new house. The phone company has informed me that I cannot take my phone number with me, as the neighborhood I'll be moving to is long distance from my local number. What?!! It's ten miles away, in the same county and area code. Long distance is a racket.

I have determined who the internet providers are not, but have yet to determine who they actually are. I think it might be TimeWarner Cable, which stinks because their website is less than comprehensive and I'm an online kinda gal. Have you ever tried to sort through cable plans with a telemarketer while 7 small people ask for nursing, diaper changes, milk, Transformer aid, whether clouds are lighter than balloons, and demanded you observe their toileting habits? No? Well, you'd do everything online too.

At some point we'll need to talk husband dear into decide about home schooling, and figure out if we're bussed to the public one or not. In our new home, the elementary school is about a quarter mile as the crow flies, but due to the labrynthine street layout, is more like 3/4 mile to actually walk it - and there are no sidewalks. There are also no yellow stripes in the road, which is an improvement from our current house!

I might give Geico a look to see if they do renter's insurance yet - when we moved here in August we couldn't get anyone to write us a policy (hurricanes and mold and all - they claim that the home office forbid them from writing new policies). I tried the big guys - State Farm, Allstate, and Farm Bureau. Time to look for alternates, especially since on of my secret fantasies, is for the house to burn down and send all that clutter to the ash pile.

Perhaps a hurricane can wash it all away... and we can buy new stuff... a girl can dream, can't she? ;)

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