Bad Internet Connection = Shorter ToDo List!
Thursday, December 21, 2006
My internet connection is being spotty - husband dear says he thinks it's the NIC card and then some other technical stuff, but to make a long story short, I can't blame this one on the cable company and we have to pay to fix it ourselves. Luckily, husband dear can do all the work, it's just a matter of buying the part.

We do have a laptop, but since I use it for writing, it has NO bookmarks! Which might not be a problem as far as blogs go, since I signed up for Bloglines last week (and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT). However, my bookmarks are seriously out of control. I have 10 folders, and probably 150 different sites marked - on nutrition, recipes, stuff for the kids to do, homeschool, sewing, crochet patterns to try, and other miscellaneous websites I read frequently. Often, if I'm in the middle of an article or interesting site, I'll bookmark the page when interrupted and come back to it later - they are in a constant state of flux, adding and deleting links every day.

I suppose I could print out a lot of the stuff, but I'll just lose it! Also, my printer also broke last week. I bought it refurbished 4 years ago, and used it up, really, with my home business and previous homeschooling adventures, so I'm actually glad it lasted as long as it did.

Does anyone know how to transfer bookmarks from one computer to another? Am I going to have to manually copy and paste the links? Is there a better way, please tell me!

Updated to add: I just installed Firefox updates, and they have an add-on that will supposedly do this! I'm going to try it out - any helpful tips or tricks from you computer savvy people?

Last night I got a note from my son's school, that we are chosen to be an angel tree recipient (they give out gifts cards for holiday expenses, not related to the Angel Tree prison ministry). This is wonderful, since husband dear was supposed to get a ham from work, but hasn't seen hide nor hair of said ham and tomorrow is the last work day before Christmas! This is really a blessing, also because yesterday a crayon got in with oldest son's clothes and they ALL have orange spots. He seriously needed new clothes anyway (all of his clothes were in one load, as well as the majority of his other 2 brothers). So, this is a great blessing at a great time. Except...not to complain or anything.... but the letter says "Meet Mrs/ Smith in lobby of WalMart in (next town) at 11:00 am and she will give you the card". Great, but I wasn't planning to have the van today (we arranged that, though). I, and 2 of my daughters are sick, and she gave me less than 24 hours notice to get 6 children to this place at one specific time. We actually had plans to meet with a homeschool group today, but yesterday I decided against it, since we're all coming down sick. My other gripe? There is no phone number or contact info in the letter. What if I didn't have transportation? Or had to work? So, since I'm unfamiliar with the next town, I google the WalMart. There are TWO Walmarts... the letter didn't specify which one! Just said meet at WalMart!
So, we'll see if we actually get the card or not...

The Tackle It Tuesday list is coming along... slowly but surely.

I cleaned the microwave

Got the bathroom floor cleared and swept

The turtles have a home now (husband dear did this)

Got the cookies made (son claims no one liked my brownies with marshmallows, so he had to eat the whole pan to be polite. Yeah, right!)

Got distracted decorating after I got the TV stand cleared off and decorated...

I found this straw wreath in the Christmas stuff. It's falling apart and shedding.

I covered it fabric leftover from Miss E's Christmas present and hung all of the Baby's First ornaments on it. We're missing one for Baby C, so I'll have to make her one. The big white ball is MY Baby's First ornament! The little birdies in the middle are from the first Christmas I was married. It says "First Christmas Together, 1997". This way they are displayed as our special ornamenents, but is out of Baby C's reach. Also, our tree is very small , a tabletop model, and it was a little overwhelmed with our collection!

Here's the Christmas present I finished for Miss E. I bought the costume on clearance after Halloween, and made a matching dress for her bear. Miss V is getting a blue ballerina bear, and Miss E gets a princess bear. I just need to tack on some gold ribbon. I would have been done a lot sooner, but I wanted the clothes to be removable (and will be making more outfits) and didn't have a pattern. I found an online pattern for dresses for 15 inch dolls - but bears are built a lot different so ultimately, I just made my own.

And here's the blanket for Mr. P. Do you have any idea how big a twin bed is? I just kept going and going and going! I just need to weave in the ends and he'll be good. I hate that job, I always procrastinate the end weaving!

Well, off to WalMart!

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