Mister X is Two!
Monday, April 06, 2009

Two years ago, Baby X was born on Good Friday. I was induced because I had diabetes and suddenly developed polyhydramnios.

Turns out it wasn't from my diabetes, but from Baby X himself. He had high blood pressure and polyuria. And man, did that kid pee.

He is such a goofy little sweetie! He doesn't talk much but still makes jokes.

He enjoyed his birthday meal, a nutritious plate of corn dogs, tator tots, and juice pouches.

The Big Wheel was a big hit.

Helping dad build it was fun!

I'm hoping the Doodle Pro will help keep the markers at bay. X is the sneakiest little marker fiend I ever saw. I don't even know where he finds them!

Of course, everyone helped him play with his gifts.

Cupcake time!

Not quite sure about this whole candle business.

Two year olds are busy, and must multitask.

Lick frosting.

Play with truck.

Lick frosting.

Play with truck.

Happy Birthday, X Man!

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