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Monday, March 30, 2009
...despite this month's posts!

I commented on another blog, every day I wake up and think "NO FREAKIN' WAY" (yeah, I use the word freakin' in my personal thoughts). Then I find out this stuff is TRUE.

Today, Obama fired the CEO of GM (now Government Motors). How? By what authority? Is that in his job description? I've mentioned before that my civics education was woefully incomplete. But I'm learning fast.

(BTW - there's no one to replace that CEO yet, so the company is without a leader. How are they supposed to figure out an acceptable restructuring plan if their top post is empty? Talk about poor planning. Obama doesn't know anyone who can do any better, he just decided that Waggoner has got to go.)

Then - he goes on national TV and tries to sell me a car?!!??

Sorry, I'm not convinced that having a car warranty backed by the current Federal Government is a selling point. More like a weakness, IMO. And his plan to help GM includes using recovery money to buy new cars for federal agencies. Was there a stipulation on that stimulus money that it must be used for a GM car? What about alternative energy - what if the fleet manager wants to buy Toyota Priuses?

He claims that he has no intention of running the company (he's just making HR decisions, scrutinizing their business plan, and trying to help the company avoid bankruptcy.)

Honest to Pete, what the heck is going ON at the White House?

I did have a little snicker at Hilary in Mexico City, though, asking who painted the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The State department seriously needs to hire somebody who knows about protocols and traditions in other countries - before we alienate the world.


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