Ancient Rome: Friday Fun
Friday, November 14, 2008
First, some things that make me happy.

Baby X learned to nod his head, and he blows on his food. Even if you serve him watermelon, he'll blow to make sure it's not too hot.

Mr P does math just like his mama - weird made up shortcuts. I didn't teach it to him (his math book teaches math as a process of addition). For example, for a problem like 6x7, we will take half (3x7) and add it together. Very helpful for larger numbers - 18x9 would, in my mind, actually be 9x9 + 9x9. Mr P does it the same way, and came up with the method on his own. Must be genetic. Can't wait until we get to squares and cubes!

Google Earth lets you download and explore Ancient Rome. You'll have to download the application.

Speaking of Ancient Rome, I love the Dover coloring book and they are having a secret sale on their top gift books! Although we are not studying Rome in History class yet, I use it for our liturgical feasts often. We colored the Colosseum, for example, on St. Agnes' day while the littles glued cotton balls to lambs, and found a Roman soldier to discuss his armor for Martinmas. It's an easy introduction to classical architecture, too.

H/T Melissa Wiley for the Google link.

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