Hair Barrette That Stays Put: Works for Me Wednesday
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
My hair is fine, and right now it's pretty long. I usually wear it in a braid, because it will not stay in a barrette or a clip.

I grow it long because I'm lazy - too lazy to get it cut regularly, too lazy to style it into cuteness everyday, and too lazy to put up with husband dear pining for my long hair.

I'm not really this short, but Miss E took the picture so I'm kneeling down. Miss E is taking the picture because I disgustapated husband dear by making him take 10 shots, finding fault with all of them, announcing I was going to wash and style my hair for a good picture, and then asking him to wait while I did that. After he left, I decided to let y'all see the real me. I didn't even brush it before convincing Miss E to snap the shot. That's how dedicated I am to being real.

Big barrettes pull and yank until they fall out, usually less than an hour after I put it in.

Until now! Goody has a new barrette in their Ouchless line that is just awesome. It keeps my hair clipped up, doesn't pull, and I actually have fallen asleep in it!

Mine cost $3, and the Goody website has a $2 off coupon - I'm going to get another one in black.

Hair technology works for me!

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