The Family Closet: Works for Me Wednesday
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The best thing I ever did for our laundry situation was the family closet. (Click on the pics to see them better.) I don't have to trek all over the house gathering clothes to wash, and I don't have to traipse into every bedroom to deliver clean laundry.

When we moved to Houston, husband dear rented us a house. I didn't see it until we moved in. He drew a floorplan for me, and I just could not fathom where our family closet was going to be.

He forgot to mention the Master Closet was larger than the kids' bedroom in our old house!

Here's a brief tour.

The kids clothes are still in wire cubbies, with their outfits hanging above. Socks and undies are in bins.

Here's Miss C's section, underneath the shelves that the grownups folded clothes are on. We are not a dresses only family, but we are a "dresses often" family and she likes to get her own clothes.

The grownup's clothes, folded.

And hanging. I have a ton of skirts - yet somehow, I wear the same pair of jeans everyday. It's all about the shoes - I can't wear cute shoes for any length of time and the skirts look stupid with Avia Walkers. I'm a victim of fashion.

Lots of storage above!

The dirty clothes hamper is in the closet. We fill it every day!

Here's where the adult's unmentionables are stored. Also, swimsuits for everyone are in the same drawer instead of in their individual cubby.

Yeah, it's ugly. We got it at an estate sale for $20, and it's solid wood. Someday we'll refinish it, or at least sand the glue off the front. It works for now, though!

The dresser is in the Master Bathroom. The top is so handy for dumping junk. Why, yes, that a welding sleeve! And no, my husband is not a welder!

I hang their church outfits up altogether. My boys can never seem to find anything, so the pants, undershirt, tie, etc. are all on the hanger together. When I was the black socks, I'll stick them in the pocket.

And here is the laundry staging area. It's quite convenient to have such a large, flat surface to fold and sort all of the clothes before putting them away! King size beds can fit 5 children in it, and clothes for 9 people on it.

Folding Clothes on King Size Bed
Miss C and Miss V are my super laundry helpers. Miss C knows exactly which clothes belong to every member of the family.

All of the clothes, clean and dirty, are contained in one room. No more piles of socks under beds. No more dumping the contents of a drawer into a puddle. I love it!

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