Hurrican Ike Blog: 4:30 pm Friday
Friday, September 12, 2008
It hasn't started raining yet.

From the Wunderground blog:
I expect hurricane force winds of 74 mph will penetrate about 110 miles inland, near the cities of Huntsville and Livingston to the north of Galveston, and not quite reaching Lufkin. We can expect Ike to cause the largest and longest-lived power outage in Texas history, with power knocked out along a 200-mile wide swath in eastern Texas and extreme western Louisiana extending 300 miles inland to I-20. Dallas will be at the fringe of the region of widespread power outages, and should not suffer major power failures.

We are thinking of leaving. If we do, now is the time! My main worry is being without power for weeks on end. I don't know if I'm being prudent, or making a mountain out of a molehill.

We don't have anywhere to go yet... decisions, decisions.

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