Thursday, October 25, 2007
Carolina Canonball recently asked readers to divulge their vices - specifically their cable vices. I was surprised at how many people watched Family Guy and kept it a secret! Husband dear just started watching it (we're slow about the zeitgeist around here) and it's pretty funny. But I would never admit to watching it in person.

I'm going to 'fess up. Husband dear and I have our must see TV - namely Heroes and Lost (Lost will be back in February). The good thing (or bad, depending on your perspective) is that we are on Eastern time, which means that these shows start at 9 or 10 pm. Which is good, because they are not for little eyes!

My other big vice? Big Love. That show about Mormon polygamists starring Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn. I accidentally started watching it because we got free HBO for a while after signing up for service at our new house - I thought it was a documentary about polygamy until I saw the A-list (ok. B-list) cast. I'm totally hooked now.

Another bonus: we don't get HBO anymore, because I'm not gonna pay for it (as wonderful as Crashbox was - the first educational children's show that did not make me lose my mind!). BUT... we do have Blockbuster online, with unlimited rentals and the complete first season is out. I have to get them one disc at a time, with 2-3 episodes per disk. This is great because I can skip the stupid steamy boring scenes where they show how much they like being married, KWIM? Plus I can watch it after the kids are asleep.

And... I'm not sure I should admit this, even in anonymous Internet land... I like reality shows. Specifically, one called Better Half, wherein experts have to teach their spouse how to do their job, then the spouses compete. Hilarious! The first episode I saw was stand up comics - to professional comics had to teach their wives (one was a neurologist!) to do a set in front of a crowd. I missed last week's, which had award winning hairstylists trying to teach their husbands to cut a new, edgy style in two days. That's comic gold, baby.
I also watch SuperNanny (I find the naughty spot hilarious. There's something that doesn't work for me, although we do corners around here). It's like rubbernecking for moms... the parenting is such a wreck, you can't look away.

My all time favorite show? How Clean is Your House on BBC America. Kim and Aggie find some truly horrible hovels (how about an organic goat farmer that hasn't mopped her floor in seven years? Eww!) and clean them up. Makes my house look almost Martha Stewart-worthy! The kids watch this one with me though.

How about you? Confess in the comments!

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