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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
We're sick around here, with the first cold of the season. Too bad it's still hovering in the 90's in our little stretch of the Carolinas! I might break down and turn the AC back on since the house didn't cool down at all last night with the windows and fans.

One thing that helps us feel better is tea. I've tried several brands of medicinal tea, and these are my favorite - the kids love it too! It does not taste like everyday tea, it is their special "feel better" drink, and an easy way to encourage them to drink liquids.
Traditional Medicinals has a kid's line:

Even inhaling the steam helps congestion!

I love this:
It does have a licorice flavor, but feels sooo goood when you have a scratchy throat.

I've been please with every Traditional Medicinals tea I've tried, actually. I used to buy them at the grocery store in the big city, but now that I live in podunkdunkaville I order them online through with Mr R's supplements (the cheapest place on the web that I've found!). sells them by the case as well.

In a pinch, peppermint tea will help congestion (and also settle tummies!) and you can find that almost everywhere.

It's important to brew medicinal teas correctly. Most will tell you how much water to use - generally 8 oz., which is one cup. So get a measuring cup, pour one cup of water into your mug, and eyeball how much water it is.

Boil the water - a good rolling boil, not just steamy water from the microwave.

Pour over teabag (if you add more water than called for, that's okay, just finish the whole cup to get the benefit). Cover the cup with a saucer or something, and let brew for at least 5 minutes (longer if the box indicates. Some teas take up to 10 minutes).

Add honey to sweeten - honey will also help coat scratchy throats as well as having antibiotic properties and micronutrients.

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