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Friday, September 14, 2007
*** UPDATED *** 9/18
Apparently the link is no longer working. I downloaded the Mary Cassatt program (pdf) so e-mail me and I'll forward it to you - mommyjo2[at]yahoo{dot}com.

Hands of a Child is offering a free download of a project pack for a lapbook:

Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was one of the original impressionists, and a woman. She would probably be a much better subject for study during women's history month than the traditional icons of Amelia Earhart and Oprah! (Here's what I really think about women's history month)

I found an art book of her paintings in the bargain bin of Barnes and Nobles for $3.98 last year, or you could purchase art cards from Dover Publications for less than $3. They also have a coloring book of Mary Cassatt paintings.

Check back to HOAC, their next freebie is a unit on Pilgrims.

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