I Actually Agree with a Democrat...
Monday, September 10, 2007
Bill Richardson thinks No Child Left Behind should be scrapped. I heartily agree.


He wants a return to the three R's - as defined by the teacher's union : Respect, Responsibility, and Resources.

He wants preschool to be available to every child (kindergarten isn't even available for every child!)

He thinks the best way to raise test scores is to pay teachers more. What? Is he saying teachers aren't trying hard enough because they aren't paid? That they aren't doing their best already? That paying them more will suddenly cause them to give 150% instead of 110%? What a slap to our educators.

He thinks that the best way to make sure first graders show up ready to learn is pre-K programs... um... what about the K programs?

And, he wants more state and federal funding. Because we all know throwing money at the problem will solve everything, right?

My view? Respect the parents, and acknowledge that they are the best judge of what is an appropriate education. Give them the resources to see that their child is educated well (yes, I'm talking about vouchers!) Give them the opportunity to be responsible by giving them two days a year for parent-teacher conferences - FMLA style (that is, they can't get fired if they take the afternoon to go to their kids' school.) Parent responsibility and involvement is the key!

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