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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I'm always slightly amazed when people approach me after Mass and compliment me on my children's behavior. I always feel like saying, "No, you're confused. MY children are the ones in the green shirts who act as though they've never seen an altar before...".

Overheard in the pew this week:

Stop eating your tie. (To the 4 year old)

Do not pick your teeth with the holy card. (Said the the 7 year old who has to be forced to brush his teeth at home)

The kneeler is not a guillotine. (Said to the 7 year old after he took the card out of his mouth and placed it on the floor, reenacting the French Revolution with St. Sebastian)

Don't lick the window. (To the 3 year old - the pews are right next to floor to ceiling windows with some token stained glass squares on the top)

That's Jesus up there and you'd better kneel down right now or else!
(There is a fine line between whispering and hissing, and I tend to, umm... hiss.)

The rosary is not a helicopter (Said to all male children at one point, except Baby X)

Interesting fact: My oldest boys attended a Latin Mass every single day last year at school, and I never got a bad report, not even on Mr. R. Now we go to a more laid back Mass and all *heck* breaks loose...the boys have miraculously forgotten the Our Father and the Hail Mary, despite saying the entire rosary every single day as well. They had to wear a uniform consisting of undershirt, button down shirt, tie, and sweater, plus black socks and black dress shoes. Now they whine and complain about the clip on tie I make them wear once a week. Oh, how our standards have slipped!

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