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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Works for Me Wednesday
At Mama's house, we like to splash. The little girls will sneak over to the sink to "wash" the dishes. In fact just yesterday, Baby C unloaded the entire dishwasher into the sink and washed all of the dishes for me in the side I was defrosting meat! Oh, what fun.

However, after Mama banishes them from the kitchen expresses her appreciation, it's time to dry little hands. But where's the towel?

On the floor, usually. Kitchen towels just don't stay hung up on the stove, or draped over a cabinet knob, constantly slipping off. I could crochet pretty little hangers for them and button them in place, and I actually would like to do that, but real life has intervened. So my next solution?

Binder clips. I bought a couple of magnetic hooks for the fridge, one for potholders, on for the towels. I clip a binder clip to the edge of the towel, and hang it by the loops on thebinder clips clips.

This is also a great solution for hanging artwork, schoolwork, or educational posters as well. All you need it one nail (or seven, in our case!) and you can clip and hang anything flat, without poking holes in it. Plus, it's available at my favorite venue, DollarTree.

Works for me! For other tips, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer!

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