WFMW: Moon Eggs
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Works for Me Wednesday
My boys love to cook. They love eggs for breakfast, and it is one of the few things I let them cook independently. The protein is also a very good breakfast for Mr. R, and it gives him incentive to actually eat in the morning.

Armstrong on the MoonUnfortunately, it takes forever. Forever is a relative term, I know, and in the early morning when I am also changing diapers, feeding toddlers, and inhaling coffee it seems to take longer than forever. Standing at the stove supervising is a good practice in patience, though.

Enter Moon Eggs. Crack two or three eggs in a bowl, mix with a fork, and microwave (about 30 sec. per egg, but every microwave is different). Presto! Scrambled eggs in a minute!

We call them Moon Eggs because they come out cratered and pitted from the cooking process.

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