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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Blogging is likely to be light this week, as all my brain power is currently reserved for first quarter lesson plans. Also finding the camera cord (I really do want to show you how we saved $140 on our car insurance! I didn't forget!)

However, this is on my mind - feel free to expand in the comments.

I am a pro-life activist, with varying degrees of involvement. My heart is always in the fight, though, even if my body is not.

One thing I've always thought was that women who get abortions, and those who fight to keep "the right" to abortion on demand at any time, are simply miseducated. If only they would realize that the little pre-born baby was actually a human being, they would change.

I have suddenly realized that is not true...and now I'm not only depressed, but casting about for a better strategy than arguing "personhood". (Too bad, really, I'm pretty good at that).

What caused this sudden revelation?

This article at Salon.com - the author who, using IVF, dreads becoming "severele pregnant" with more than two babies, but also abhors selective reduction, because it is "arbitrary", not because it kills one of her children. She also won't donate her leftover embryos to science, lest their lives be worthless to researchers; she won't give them to a relative, lest she object to their child rearing practices. (Note: Wait until the splash ad loads, then click "Enter Salon" above the ad.)

This article
about researchers using orphaned children, who are only receiving justice (or at least a payout) almost 70 years later.

And who could forget this?

People can be incredibly cruel to other people. Convincing someone that the person they are oppressing is a fellow human being is not necessarily an impetus for them to stop. ?The first two stories are from one day. The people involved aren't overtly evil, criminal, or sadistic. In their minds, they are trying to achieve something good.

I think I'll go watch the Power of One now and regain my faith in humanity.

(It's a good thing I'm a Christian and have real faith in real justice being done. If I were a secular humanist and thought our sad legal system was the closest we'd ever get to seeing justice done, I'd never come out of my depression!)

After posting this, I came across this blog post.
Apparently I'm not the only one having an existential meltdown, as the Caveman would say!

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