A Note to My Children
Friday, July 13, 2007
Dearest Children,

We need to talk. Remember when you were wee little ones, and I gently and carefully toilet trained you until my head exploded until you were ready to face the world, plumbing issues firmly controlled? If you recall, we cheerfully waved bye-bye to #2 while we flushed the toilet. Yes, that little handle on the back of the toilet is not only a useful staging point for army men, it also will whisk away your personal yukkies.

Darling boys, I appreciate how much you enjoy standing when your sister has to sit. I must ask, why, if you can snap a suction cupped arrow directly onto Sean Hannity's nose from 15 feet during the newshour, you insist on... shall we say... painting the wall?

You may have noticed the strange device on the wall next to the door. I know how much fun you have moving the switch up and down while Mama is trying to take a bath (note to self: fix lock on bathroom door). You may have observed that when in the down position, the light is off. Off is good when the room is empty. Turning the light off will save Mama lots of money so I can buy chocolate to purchase new arrows.

You weren't born in a barn. I know. I was there.

Photo: Bathroom Landing Strip, item #1500848 on AllPosters.

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