Three Posts in One Day?
Monday, April 30, 2007
That is a record for me!

Just an update on Baby X.

He had his 2 week well baby check up today. (He's actually three weeks old, but we waited an extra week since he was in with the doctor 3 times his first week home. He had a staph infection in his eyes that caused a fever, and that I was afraid had moved into his chest, but he's fine now!)

He weighs 10 pounds! He's in the 50% for height, and the 90% for weight. He definitely likes to eat, that's for sure! He's also a total Momma's boy. We call him Radar sometimes because he can instantly sense when I've moved further than 3 feet from him, even when sound asleep, and also we brought him home from the hospital on 4-07-07 (that's 4077, Hawkeye fans!)

His arms also have been turning blue occasionally, and the doctor says he has a heart murmur. We're being referred to a pediatric cardiologist for further evaluation. Fortunately, there is a medical university in Charleston so we won't have to go far.

It will be at least a couple of weeks to get him in - I'm glad it's not an emergency, and we get bumped up to a slightly better health insurance copay on May 1, so that works out well (we'll have to pay 35% instead of 50%).

I knew before he was born he'd be giving me a run for my money!


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