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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I just found out that MIT offers classes online for FREE! You don't get any credit, of course, but you can learn new things! How cool is that?
MIT Open Courseware

Great idea for homeschoolers - when people question your 12 year old's access to social events, you can airily proclaim he has no time for that, since he's taking chemistry through MIT and his online genomic biology course is simply too time consuming.

Or you could actually, maybe, learn some chemistry yourself. I might just browse through the "Neuroscience and Behavior" course, since it seems particularly applicable to my life right now.

Want lighter fare? offers lots of courses, and all materials are free and online, including some textbooks. I've heard their computer courses are very good, and they offer other science classes as well.

Who says housewives have to be dumb?

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