Eating Crow
Friday, April 27, 2007
Sheryl Crow must have hired a new publicist - she seems to be popping up everywhere, at least in Bloggetyville. First, she published statement calling for Americans to use one square of toilet paper in order to save the planet. (It's in the entry for April 19th. She also claims on Apr. 23 that it was just a joke, and links not to her own statement on her own website, but a quote on Huffington Post. Weird.)

Rocks in My Dryer covered this story for the Mommy Bloggers, but I just wanted to add some additional commentary, because stupid celebrities amuse me. Here's the Charleston City Paper's comment.

BTW, I still stand behind my characterization of Ms. Crow as a homewrecker. Anyone who fools around with a married man (Lance Armstrong for those of you living under a rock), and then goes on Oprah to pontificate with him about what a true, great love they have while his three little kids are living in a fatherless home, is a homewrecker. A shameless homewrecker. Even if the divorce was caused by other events, in my book dating married man = homewrecker. Especially when dating starts in Fall 2003 and divorce is finalized in December 2003. I just used a word that is not even in the dictionary 4 times in one paragraph - I'll move on now.

The Smoking Gun has some revealing info on the environmental impact of her tours.

Now she has been invited to perform at a Catholic charity function, despite being 1)Not Catholic and 2)Proabortion. The Archbishop of St. Louis, being a good shepherd, has resigned from the board of the Children's Foundation over her appearance. (I love the article's quote "It's not about an idealogical litmus test. It's about helping kids." How about helping kids with no voice, money or power not be killed because they are inconvenient? Maybe I need to start a new "Janus" category for two-faced people.)

Amy Welborn has this story covered, and H/T to The Curt Jester for the heads up as well.

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