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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday night I got hives - which reminded me about one of the miracle products I wouldn't be without. Seriously, I've got a bottle in the bathroom, a bottle in the car, and one in the hurricane box.

What is it?

Caladryl Clear

This little bottle is a clear gel (you can get it in a generic for less than $3, and I'm all about the generics!). You apply it to the skin - no trying to convince a crying child to take some sort of concoction. It dries quickly. There are no artificial colors.

It will cure any itch - mosquito bites disappear within minutes. It works on hives or any itchy spots. It doesn't make a pink, powdery cakey mess like Calamine lotion. You can use it on kids or pregnant ladies.

Works for Me!

Added tip:
In addition to the classic itch relief of baking soda pastes and oatmeal baths, if you are desperate and need relief RIGHT NOW, run a washcloth under very hot water, as hot as you can stand, and put it on the area. My children insist slapping a mosquito bite repeatedly also makes it not itch, but I think they just want an excuse to help each other in the name of first aid.

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