Montessori Monday: Links
Monday, February 26, 2007

The kids had a stomach bug this weekend, and I still have one home today - not much blogging going on today!

Here are some links for older children to keep you in the Montessori mood!

Montessori for Everyone blog posted on Responsibility in the Classroom, age 9-12

Nature Watching has a great how-to for nature journaling with children. Check out their easy printables too!

From Michael Olaf's catalog, Parents and Teachers for 3-12 (lots of articles)

Lapbook Ladies has a good overview of what lapbooks are and why you should use them. The site's still in development but it's a great starting point for making your own - good for any homeschooler! H/T to Starry Sky Ranch for the link - and visit Kim for more lapbook ideas.

Happy surfing!

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