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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few months ago, I bought a digital camera. I looked at specialized batteries that were supposed to last somuch longer than the cheap ones from the dollar store high quality alkaline type, and came across a new invention: rechargeable batteries.

Oh, the rechargeable part isn't new. What is new is that all of the major manufacturers are selling AA and AAA rechargers that plug into a household outlet. No more big clunky boxes full of spaces for every size imaginable - these hold 4 to 6 of your most used size batteries and plug in flush to the wall. Also, it was a budget friendly at under $15 or so, including 4 batteries.

I originally bought the Energizer brand, but the charger on that one clunked out on me after two weeks. Ever a glutton for punishment, I bought the Kodak brand - that was in July and I'm still using it, with the original batteries that came with it. Much to my delight, the Energizer batteries work in it as well. (You do have to buy special NiMH batteries - not the regular alkaline ones.)

Rechargeable batteries are expensive, but they really do last so much longer in my power sucking digital camera, plus, I always have a backup set charged and ready to go - right on the wall, no digging through the junk drawer required! I no longer get frustrated that someone put a 'dead' battery in the drawer, or have to throw them away and hope they don't explode in the trash can. (I think you are actually supposed to save them for a special hazardous trash pickup, but I never have.)

Save money, time, frustration, and the earth?

Works for Me!

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