WFMW: A Few of His Favorite Things
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For the Love Sweet Love edition of Works for Me Wednesday:

We don't have a lot of romance around here, with candlelight dinners and such. Dates are probably going to the movies, but even that is few and far between ($40 for babysitting, $20 for the movie, $10-15 for adds up quick!).

One way I try to show husband dear he is loved is by picking up things he likes at the store. I do most of the grocery shopping, and if I'm out and see something I think he might like, I'll pick it up for him.

Often, he didn't know this product existed but is in love with it now!

Examples include Dill Pickle Potato chips, Jalapeno salt, and Sesame Wasa Crackers. I know what kind of food he likes, and so if a new flavor is out, I'll get it for him. Just a little way to say I love you.

I've also been known to pick up his favorite candy bar - we don't buy candy or junk food as a rule, but if I see something I know he loves (1000 grand bars and grape Ne-Hi). Yep. Just like Radar on M*A*S*H*) I'll get it for him.

Also, I'm quite the frugal shopper, but I always buy brand names if he requests it. He really likes those ForceFlex trashbags and Kraft brand ranch dressing (actually, this is cheaper than generic, there's always tons of coupons for Kraft!). Same with toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo. I spend a little more for the things he likes - it doesn't break the bank, and he doesn't get annoyed every time he has to take the trash out and doesn't have his favorite kind of trash bag!

Shannon also asked for a piece of marriage advice. One hard and fast rule that we have always had is that if one of us says "No", it goes for both. So if Mr R asks Dad if he can have some chips, and Dad says no, and Mr R decides to ask Mom - woe be to him when we find out! This particular offense is punished pretty heavily. Don't let the kids play you off each other! Even if I think there is no harm in Mr R eating those chips, if Dad said No, that's it. End of story.

A house divided cannot stand, after all!

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