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Friday, February 02, 2007
The Carolina Cannonball posted yesterday about a Domestic Diva, complete with a link. That went to my blog.

I let her know that her link was broken - obviously she hit the wrong button and in an ironic twist, my URL came up. Domestic Diva? Guess what, CC? I'm suing you for my broken funny bone incurred when I fell off my seat laughing. Hope you have pun insurance.

I really have no idea where you got that idea. Let's review the life of Mama Says, shall we?

First up - I decide to join Shannon's Works for Me Wednesday Carnival.
My first tip

This blog was originally conceived as a way to get free movies from Grace Hill Media - they sent me press passes, I blogged reviews. I also was actively writing a screenplay at the time, and decided to publish a short vignette of my daily struggles:
A Quick Horror Story
Note: I don't have twins! That's called literary license.

Here's how I shepherded my children through the major life change of having their father gone for three months and moving across the country.

Here is my character development curriculum. This lesson? Telling it like it is.
Out of the Mouths of Babes

You be the judge. Domestic Diva, or Mama Mia?

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