Status Report: Critical Toddler Skills
Thursday, January 11, 2007
Baby C is busy mastering all of the toddler skills critical to a satisfying life as a one or two year old.

Eating out of a bag

Drinking from a straw

Removing own shirt, appearing naked at inappropriate times

Opening the cat food bin (with the airtight lid); joyfully practicing gross motor skills by flinging Purina

Replacing marker cap after helping with homework

Climbing on the coffee table, so all can admire chubby baby legs and inappropriate nakedness.

Removing shoes as Mama arrives at destination (only on inclement weather days)

Flushing the toilet over and over and listening to the noise

Not squeezing the Capri Sun and having a juicy shower

Opening front door

Escaping jail playyard

Sorry, no "Thoughtful Thursday" today... I've got Mormons coming over to chat later so I'm busy brushing up on the Nature of God and related topics...

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