Tea Party Invitations
Monday, January 08, 2007
Quick Question:

I am having a tea party for my daughter in 3 weeks for her 6th birthday. We'll be inviting little girls from her class. I have never met their mothers. I want to let the moms know that even though they can drop their girls off, they are encouraged to stay. I'm sending the menfolk and babies away and having a very girlie tea party ( We had planned a tea party last year for her 5th birthday, but cancelled and rescheduled 3 times due to sickness before I gave up. So she's having one this year).

How should I word the invitation?

A) Mothers welcome but not required
B) Mothers are encouraged to join their daughters at our tea
C) Mothers and sisters welcome
D) Forget the moms, just have the girls.

Any other suggestions? Should I skip it altogether, as I don't know if these girls have moms - maybe they live with grandmas or aunts or Dad's girlfriend, and I don't want to offend?

I need to send these out pretty soon, so any feedback is appreciated! Also, any tips or games as well! Our theme is Butterflies, and our "color" will be purple. I'm planning on letting them making Victorian lace fans (rectangle doilie, folded accordian style, they decorate with markers and stickers, then fake flowers and ribbons glued on) and playing Victorian parlor games, like Memory Box, etc. Classic indoor little girl games.

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