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Monday, November 20, 2006
If you grew up eating cranberry colored jello material from a can every year, you'll love this! So simple, so good, and kids love to make it.

Cranberry Relish

1 pkg. Cranberries (12 oz., rinsed)
1/2 - 1 c. sugar (use 1/2 c. for tart sauce, 1 c. for sweet)
1 c. orange juice (fresh, carton, made from frozen concentrate, it doesn't matter)

Dissolve sugar in orange juice over medium heat. Add cranberries and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, until cranberries start to pop. When all cranberries have exploded, stir again and remove from heat. Cool and serve.

If you continue boiling for 3-5 minutes, you'll get a more jelly like consistency.
Freezes very well. You can make it ahead.

Garnish with candied orange peel or orange curls if you love your inner Martha Stewart.

This year, I'm going to attempt pie. Well, pie filling anyway, as I bought the frozen crusts. Hey, if it's good enough for Alton Brown, it's good enough for me! I made a pie 8 years ago - butterscotch meringue - and it was good...but it was also 6 kids ago. This year I'm trying Pecan (I hate it but it's my dear husband's favorite) and a new pumpkin recipe I got off the Food Network. I love pumpkin pie, and my goal is to find the perfect, best recipe so I'll be known for what a great pie I make. Makes me feel all housewifey inside - who knows, next I'll finally get around to making those matching aprons and pot holders!

I'm also attempting kolaches this week, because I'm feeling my ethnic pride plus, their really, really good. Who knows, maybe it'll make me some money - dh made $7 selling chocolate chippers at work last week!

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