Frugal Greatest Hits: WFMW
Wednesday, May 06, 2009
We Are THAT Family is running a themed Works for Me Wednesday today - the Frugal Edition!

I thought I'd just do a link round up of past tips and tricks.

8 Ways to Save on Produce

Powdered Milk? Yuck!

Girl's Birthday Party for Under $40

How Much Do You Save By Baking Bread? In my case, almost $10 a week!

Holiday Travel with the Dollar Store

Save Money By Eliminating Invisible Clutter

Don't forget to check out my Food Stamp Challenge on my right sidebar! Feeding all 10 of us for less than $140 a week - $2 per person, per day!

Which article is YOUR favorite?

For more frugal posts, check out Works for Me Wednesday this week!

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