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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I will endeavor to get all my irritation, anger, and nitpicking at our current government out all at once. I will also try to use some nifty adjectives that are too often neglected.

Obama answered a reporter's questions yesterday, saying:

"This has been a difficult chapter in our history... the memos that were released reflected us losing our moral bearings."

Wow, he dug deep and found some moral fiber? I agree. It is a difficult chapter in our history, and it is grotesque.

***This ad from Priests for Life is graphic***

Oh, wait, he's talking about waterboarding the 9/11 masterminds. Never mind all of those children who are drawn and quartered for being not healthy enough, not convenient enough, or somehow not human enough to live. America will just continue to ignore the slaughter of our own Untermenschen.

(Don't forget that Obama voted for letting children who managed to survive an abortion die of neglect.)

Now he wants to get involved with interstate commerce, and see about taxing internet sales. This could force companies to comply with each state's sales tax laws. The amount of paperwork - sales tax licenses, quarterly filings, and so on - would be an enormous burden.

Watch small retailers go out of business! Small business owners are the biggest source of employment in the US - wonder what that's going to do to the unemployment rate?

What was it Obama promised? Families making under $250,000 won't see any of their taxes increase?

Right. He's already raised the cigarette tax, and now he wants to impose a brand new tax on the American people.

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