Border Violence Rumors...
Monday, April 13, 2009
Obama has promised to send some more ATF agents to the border to combat violence. Things I'm hearing locally:

  • The number of guns in Mexico that were purchased illegally in the US is 23%, not 90% as reported.

  • The ATF agents are going to be cracking down on gun dealers as their preferred method of enforcement. In TX, you can buy a gun with a TX driver's license. The gun dealers are protesting because they should not be held responsible for a customer's fraud. They want the ATF to go find the guy who faked his ID and arrest him.

Dallas gun store owner Donnie Durbin, president of the Texas Gun Dealers Association, said dealers have no control over what qualified buyers do with firearms after they purchase them. He said the ATF should bring more agents to target gun traffickers, not increase the number of compliance officers who audit gun dealers.

“If (ATF agents) go out and find these people selling these guns, they need to put them in jail. I don’t think the dealer would take that kind of chance,” said Durbin, adding he was not speaking for the association.

That's right - they're sending 100 bean counters to audit dealers, not target, track, and intercept the guns being taken to Mexico.

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