Things I Learned From My Jacuzzi Tub
Friday, November 21, 2008

  • Jacuzzi tubs require approximately 4,000 gallons of water. Unfortunately, your hot water heater only supplies half that amount.

  • If you're really dirty, take a shower, not a bubble bath. The cleaning aftermath of 10,000 scummy bubbles is not pleasant.

  • This goes double if your children have made mud pies that day.

  • Even though all Jacuzzi tubs on Hollywood sets fit up to three people, don't try to put more than one adult in the tub. Unless you are a contortionist or don't have legs.

  • However, you can easily clean 4 children at once.

  • Reading a book during a nice long soak sounds like a good idea, but apparently takes years of practice. Now I know why fancy houses have TVs mounted on the bathroom wall.

  • Shave your legs after you're done bubbling. Otherwise you'll have hairy bits in places that should be bald.

  • It's really cute when the littles beg you in a lispy voice for a "Coozie Bath."

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