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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I don't have much to say - yet.

Scratch that. I have lots to say, but I'm not confident I know what I'm talking about yet!

I'm mad that these big businesses take horribly bad risks to make a buck, and when their business model doesn't pan out, WE bail them out. Make no mistake - a government bailout is US. Was there any discussion? A vote by our representatives? Whose fiat declared American tax dollars would pay these debts?

I'm mad that several thousand gallons of gas were released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on news that Ike might damage refining capacity. That's our little oil nest egg - and we blew it on the first bump in the road. And we'll have to import more oil to restock.

I'm more than a little ticked that the "news" magazines will find out what Lindsay Lohan and Matt Damon think about the candidates and broadcast them far and wide. Could they find anyone who knows less about the issues? It's pretty clear they are just broadcasting ad hominem attacks by proxy - letting the actors say what the Obama campaign and MSM can't. I wish they would have just found some people at the post office or the grocery store and asked them - an actual conversation, not a three second news blip. Yo! Campbell! I'm available for phone interviews!

And, I'm looking for bean recipes that don't have tomatoes as an ingredient. Tried and true tasty recipes. And trying to figure out how to bake without butter or eggs. Any help my readers can provide is much appreciated!

I have quite a stock of beans, all types, about 8 lbs. of cooked beef roast, carrots, onions, garlic, and potatoes. BIL can't eat tomaters, though, and all my recipes have red sauce!

So, I'll be back later.

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