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Monday, December 03, 2007
[UPDATE - Fixed the link for the bloggy Advent wreath. It was Curt Jester, not Catholic Caveman. That's what happens when you scan all your blogs really quickly to find that thing you know you saw there before but where is it in the archives, anyway!

I forgot to post this yesterday, but here goes!

For an explanation of Linky Mark, go here. Basically, it is a collection of all the bookmarks you have on a topic, thrown into a post so you can get them out of your Favorites folder - and you get to share them with Mr. Linky!

Today's links are ways to celebrate the Advent season and Christmastide in a liturgical sense, or great ideas for all of the seasons.

In our family, we do an Advent wreath, a Christmas crib, and usually hold off on the tree until Gaudate (Joy) Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent (the pink one). We also give gifts on the Epiphany as well as Christmas (truthfully, this started when we had to wait until January for a paycheck to buy anything for the children, but it proved quite popular and I think it helps them connect with the Magi giving the Christ child gifts.)

I also set out my angel collection and nativity scenes in as many rooms as possible. I have a Playmobil nativity scene the children can play with (Target carries them during the Christmas season in the toy section for about $15, but they sell out FAST!) Playmobil toys are made in Germany - not China! YAY!

Women for Faith and Family has a nice online liturgical calendar, with definitions and overviews of the liturgical seasons. Their Advent page has saints days (with readings), the O Antiphons for advent wreaths, a printable coloring sheet for advent, and more.

My favorite site for liturgical activities is Domestic Church. The Fridge Art section is full of activities, separated by younger children, older children, and whole family. There are tons of ideas, links to coloring pages, and more.

Throughout the year, I use Open Wednesdays in our school. It is a child-appropriate commentary on the readings for the following Sunday. Since we've been doing this, I've really seen some "light bulb" moments when they recognize what Father is discussing in his sermon.

H/T to Happy Hearts at Home for giving out a link to free, printable vintage Christmas stories. Check out The Flight into Egypt if you've never read it.

I like this idea for a candle and Novena of the Immaculate Conception which is Dec. 8. It's a little late to start that novena, but you can start one to Our Lady of Guadalupe tomorrow (celebrated Dec. 12)

The Curt Jester has an Advent wreath for your blog that will update itself throughout the season with the appropriate candles being lit.

Catholic Kids has activities throughout the year. Ann Ball has some fun crafts in the Kids Room- she's the author of Catholic Traditions in Crafts, a book of art projects that follow the liturgical year.

And finally, an easy way to appreciate the sacrifices of others from Knit Together In Love.

Share your links!

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