Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am a control freak like to be involved in my kid's life. I am also very careful about who they play with, what they are exposed to, and what adults I let into their life.

This often takes the form of me volunteering. This is how I became a boy scout leader (I volunteered to be an assistant leader, so I would know exactly what was going on and the leader stopped coming after the first meeting).

This is also how I am now a catechist. CCD classes start next week, and I will have four children attending. Another mom asked me if I were interested in being a teacher... I was just, at that moment, wondering how I could get ahold of the program ahead of time so I could read it. I thought about it, and talked to husband dear (who doesn't care. I'll be there anyway whether I teach or not). I thought it would be nice to have older children and that I definitely did not want to have any of my own children in my class. It turns out I've been assigned 5th and 6th grade.

The new policy of the Church is that every adult who comes into contact with children must be formally trained to spot warning signs of abuse. The program is called Virtus, and takes three hours; once a month an article is emailed to you and you are required to read it for ongoing training. I went last night and now I am certified!

But, Oh. My. Word. They had a couple of child molestors talking about how they gained parent's confidence, how they isolated their victims, and so on. One of them started at the age of 10 years old! TEN! The other one was so proud. No remorse. He talked about his "dream doll" having blue eyes, blond hair, being 5-10 years was sickening.

If you have the opportunity to go to one of these classes, I highly recommend it. If not, PLEASE get Gavin DeBecker's book, Protecting the Gift. His other book, The Gift of Fear, is a must read for any adult woman, in my opinion.

Knowledge is power, and will help you keep your kids safe!

BTW< we are using Faith First! curricula at our church. Any thoughts or opinions about this series? I know nothing of it. I have a K and 1st grader, a 2nd grader going through the First Communion prep, and another 2nd grader who has to be with the 3rd graders since he already had his First Communion. Any thoughts, tips, or warnings are much appreciated! I also have to plan a 20 minute fellowship for all of the children (age 5-12) on the Rosary, and again on Advent Wreaths. I'm having trouble - all of the activities I can find actually involve making a rosary, which we will not have time for. Any links or ideas?

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