Summer fun with Kids
Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't know what to do with the kids this summer? Here are some websites to the rescue - make your own fun!

We'll be doing more of these around here. Recently, a strange phenomena has been occurring around here. Cartoon Network mysteriously appears on the television, and at the same time the remote control disappears completely. Mama's had enough of that!

Paper Toys -fun with printers!

Science toys - for a little older kids. Includes how to make a rocket engine, and an article called "Fun with High Voltage". I'll let husband dear handle that one!
***You've got to check out this project! ****

Draw with Uncle Fred - simple cartoon style drawings.

- have your kids make puzzles for each other.

Coloring Sheets
- more sophisticated than the preschool sites, with lots of pages with state birds, flags, and art. Here's one of Vermeer's Milkmaid. Color and practice shading - this one just cries for colored pencils or pastels!

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