Democrats wanted...
Monday, June 04, 2007
Anyone know of a good independent source for review of the Democratic candidates? I tried to watch the debate last night, but just couldn't stomach it (John Edwards seriously thinks Medicare for All is going to help ANYTHING?!!) and finally had to turn it off when they started to talk about gays in the military (it got a little graphic and several people in my house are Rated G only).

Not to mention, the question was actually, "Was it right for Bill Clinton to sign 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell?' " Really, with all of the current issues, we need to revisit that policy? Give me a break. I want to hear what Democrats are going to do about our problem with Chinese imports - they just recalled Chinese toothpaste, it contains antifreeze. Or how about how our trade deficit with China is hurting the military? I worked in the metal industry - and it is hurting our soldiers!

I know I'll probably never vote for a Democrat (unless it's Zel Miller running against The Governator, then, maybe...) but I would like to keep abreast of what they are saying.

Without actually having to hear them say it.

BTW, I'm a registered Independent... but I don't seem to have a problem keeping up with the Republican side of things!


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