Spring Cleaning?
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
I haven't even finished the Autumn Scrub yet!

I'm not the most motivated psychotic neat freak housekeeper. We do have one particularly bad trouble spot in our home: The playroom/office/schoolroom, AKA The Computer.

We're a cyber-savvy family, so yes, we do refer to 64 square feet of former dining room as "The Computer". The location is great - and had our landlords not chosen to install brand new carpet, knowing we had 6 kids, right before we moved in we might have wasted the space with an actual place to eat. Now, it is the all purpose catch-all spot for everything. I love this room because I can see the kitchen, living room, TV, and if I stretch to the side, the front door and out the front windows from one handy office chair. Very handy when you are 9 months pregnant! It's control central for our house.

And it looks it, too.

I do have "Office Day" on my weekly schedule, and we do have a slave child assigned to do daily pickup in the playroom. I haven't actually done office day in over a month, aside from the requisite bill paying and account reconciling. Fun times, those.

So, I decided some outside motivation was in order. Plus, I'm having trouble coming up with entertaining blog fare, with the pregnancy brain, sleep deprivation, and all. Not to mention, I'm looking for something productive to do while sitting a lot.

Laura, the Organizing Junkie is hosting a 30 Day Organizational Challenge for one room in your house. So here we go!

Some requisite Before pictures:

I realize that the shelves look fairly neat. That's because about half of the contents of the shelves are on the floor and under the girl's bed. Notice the empty shelves? Empty bookshelves are not normal for our family. That paper stuck to the wall above the aquarium? It's from Miss E's birthday party. Which was in January. If you look closely, you might see a box of Playmobil Nativity people on top of the second printer, as well. I got a new printer for Christmas, but it's out of black ink, so I am also using the old printer, which only prints in black now and requires every single piece of paper be individually hand fed. Then it might print. Sometimes. If the planets are aligned properly.

There's still time for you to sign up too! The contest runs from April 3 - May 2 and there are actual prizes (besides the satisfaction of a job well done, which any Mama knows should be reason enough to do a job well the first time. What, you want a cookie too?)

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