Fun Friday: Recipes I Will Never Try
Friday, March 30, 2007
They ate some weird things in the good old days. Sometimes, just for entertainment, I'll peruse the "wild game" section of The Joy of Cooking. It tells you how to skin a squirrel and make armadillo casserole. Jethro would be proud.

My mother has a copy of the worst cookbook in the world. It was published in the 70's and involves as much canned food as possible. I'm not even sure where I could find some of this stuff, even if I ever wanted to try the recipes! Way too many recipes feature ALL of the following ingredients - canned asparagus, weiners, and cream of mushroom soup. One particularly industrious dessert, for the serious hostess, calls for canned grapes.

Kind of like Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, but without the color coordinated draperies.
(I mean really, would you make this? I'm sure it's easy, with the canned cherries, instant rice, chocolate chips and all... but do chocolate covered cherries really go with chili powder? I think not.)

If you are not sufficiently grossed out, check this out.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

It comes with pictures. I like vintage... but I'll leave the Carrot and Cabbage Jello Entree in the past.

Just a friendly, neighborly warning: the site is published by James Lileks, the acerbic commentator on Hugh Hewitt's radio show. You might want to preview the prose before little eyes read it.


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