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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Today's Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by Rocks in my Dryer, is a link:

Weekly Grocery Ads

This site gathers and updates links to the current grocery and sales ads for almost every major store in the US. Actually, it has categories for restaurant specials, department stores, office supply stores, grocery stores... all of the ads without the stack of glossy paper all over the living room!

I can sit at my computer, browse the ads for all of my neighborhood stores in a snap. If I need some inspiration in meal planning, I can go here, type in my ingredients, and get some recipes (I love this when I'm running low on groceries and have no idea what to make with wilted spinach, 3 eggs and a jar of Ragu!)

It is also wonderful if I know I'm going to visit my father-in-law in a big city, about 40 minutes from here... they have stores that I don't have in my town, and that I don't get flyers for in my paper or mail. I can still take advantage of a 29 cent chicken quarters deal by looking up his local grocery and making a stop on the way home.

Works for me!

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