WFMW: Zoo Pals
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

These handy dandy disposable children's flatware are great. I use the word "disposable" lightly; I bought a set in July and we're still using them. (Can't say the same for the animal shaped plates, which my kids love but are way overpriced.)

They wash up in the dishwasher great, they are just the right size for toddlers and babies just learning to eat by themselves, and if the kids accidentally throw them away, it's no big deal.

They are sturdy enough to eat ice cream and the handle won't snap off when you are trying to spoon up something thick. There are two styles of knives - a spreader and a thinner "cutter", which are safe for kids. Mine like making their own peanut butter sandwiches, cutting up bananas and hotdogs, and getting to be like a grownup.

Incidentally, Dixie makes a set that I found at the dollar store, but they are not as sturdy and one of the designs has an elephant on the handle blowing water out of his trunk. My kids call it the "booger spoon" - and it does look like Dumbo has a cold! I'd stick to the real ZooPals, made by Hefty. They do have an elephant spoon, but he's not blowing his nose.


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